Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top Garden

The Top Garden is a much larger area and is still a work in progress. This is the sunniest part of the garden so I'm looking forward to seeing what will grow here. Being on the brow of a hill means it's a bit more exposed to the wind but the surrounding bush provides a bit of shelter. Last year I spent most of my efforts building a pergola and brick barbeque/fireplace which I'm yet to 'Christen' with friends. Now that they're basically finished I plan to concentrate on getting a couple of large gardens established. I've made a start as you can see in the area on the right hand side of picture (above).
This is the first of the 2 gardens which will again be terraced because of the slope. I've used landscaping grade macrocarpa timber to build a small retaining wall. At this stage I'm trying to get the soil prepared for planting which is proving difficult because of the clay and tree roots under the surface.

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