Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christening the BBQ

Labour Weekend (Oct 23-25) marks the beginning of the BBQ season for many Kiwis. I'd been looking forward to christening the new barbie since I finished building it last summer. So it was great to finally be able to do it and the weather was perfect. I started the fire about an hour before the guests arrived so there was a good amount of embers ready for cooking by the time they arrived.

The Ti tree I used was great. Being a hardwood it creates really hot embers that retain the heat well. There was a good variety of food to cook including chicken, steak, boorevors sausage, potatoes wrapped in tin foil and a huge snapper that my mate Bruce caught the day before, which we also wrapped in tin foil. The whole evening was pretty good for a trial run although darkness came all too soon making it difficult getting back to the house for some of the guests. There was about 15 people to cook for altogether including 3 kids. I'm thinking that cooking for a larger group (20-30+) will be quite challenging, but that's my next goal for later in the summer. I might have to organise a few lanterns as there's no power out by the barbie which is a good 30 or 40 metres from the house.
This is a Boerewors sausage before it's cooked. If you look carefully you can see it cooking on the grill (all rolled up) on the right hand side nearest the foreground.