Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tiger Finches in the Garden

One thing I really love about my garden is all the birds that come visiting. Unfortunately I've never got my camera handy at the opportune moment when I suddenly find myself up close and personal with some of these birds. I've only got an average camera so I can't zoom in very well or catch anything that's moving too fast, but I am quite pleased with this shot that I managed to get of a Tiger Finch in mid flight...

It's only at certain times of the year when the Tiger Finches come around. They seem to travel in pairs and I managed to get a shot of them together (below), apparently feeding on the seeds of these flowers. The most common place to view Tiger Finches in New Zealand is in a cage at the local pet shop, so it was quite a privilege to see them in their natural environment and to get a shot of them.