Sunday, September 19, 2010

Companion Planting

If there's one lesson I learned last year it's the value of companion planting. This was my first attempt growing anything in the Top Garden area. I tried a small test area growing potatoes for the first time and I planted a few brocolli as well.
Because I generally try to avoid using sprays and pesticides, this means some of my vegies tend to look a bit 'knarly' — although perfectly healthy I'm sure.
However I was pleasantly surprised to see how perfectly both the brocolli and spuds turned out. I'm sure it was because I grew them right next to each other.
I made a point of feeding the soil well as I'd heard potatoes are gross feeders which may also have helped the brocolli.
Anyway I'm keen to try it again this year on a larger scale. Brocolli and spuds never go to waste in our household.

Click the following link to find an interesting and helpful chart with some other vegie combinations:

I'll be sure to try some of these ideas too.


  1. I've never given much thought to companion planting, I usually just cram it all in wherever I can fit it all. This year I've got my broccolini growing next to the spuds but that was just where I happened to plant them at the time. No planning went into it. Broc & spuds are always favourites here too

  2. I know what you mean about "cramming". This year my garden's looking a bit chaotic — there's stuff happening everywhere (unexpected stuff!). When this happens it can be quite hard to manage the companion planting thing properly. However I have tried to heed warnings about growing tomatoes and potatoes together.