Monday, September 20, 2010

The Pergola

My purpose in building a Pergola in the garden was two-fold. Firstly I wanted to create a nice sunny place to sit where there was a good view of the garden but I also wanted to grow grapes in my garden. They would not only need a nice sunny position but they would also need some kind of structure to grow on (and over) – hence the Pergola.

I really like the atmosphere created by grape vines. I also really enjoy those outdoor cafes and wineries in places like Kerikeri or Waiheki Island where you can sit in the afternoon sun in the shade of a grapevine drinking a nice cold beer or glass of wine. The grape I chose was Albany Surprise (a red grape) This is the second year it's been in the ground and it's just starting to come away again.

The Pergola itself is comprised of 4 dressed tanalised pine posts. The top part is made out of landscaping grade Macrocarpa. I still need to finish it off with 3 more beams across the top and the paving also needs to be re-levelled. I still have plenty of Macrocarpa left which I intend to also use to build an outdoor table and chairs (I'll post a blog about this later).

See more about the grapes growing over the pergola here


  1. Have you had any grapes yet Dave? Mine is in it's 3rd year & I'm still hungering for home grown grapes

  2. Yeah I saw the picture of your grape vine on your blog. It looked a bit sad mate. Mind you, all grape vines look sad over the winter, nothing more than a few twigs usually. But in answer to your question, No I haven't actually eaten any grapes off it yet. This is only the second year since I put it in.
    Last year quite a few bunches of grapes started forming early on but I was advised by a grape growing acquaintance to cut all the grapes off the first year so that all the plants energy is concentrated in the roots which will help the plant to get nicely established. As much as I hated doing it I followed their advice.
    Again this year there's heaps of little bunches forming but again I've been told to thin them out by about half which I've yet to do.
    I've been taking a few photos of the grapes at various stages and plan to post a blog at the end of the season. I hope to be able to eat some myself this year, but good things take time...