Saturday, September 18, 2010

The bridge

The bridge across the gully is probably the most obvious feature of the garden on arrival. The bridge has many stories to tell. It's a nice cool place in the summer, perfect for viewing the fantails and tuis who are regular visitors to the garden. It also makes for an interesting entranceway to what I refer to as my 'secret' garden — secret because most people don't even know it's there — it can't be seen from anywhere except from the garden itself because it's completely surrounded by bush. It's so well hidden even Google Earth can't find it.
My ultimate aim is to create a garden that is a pleasure to visit not only because of the fruits and vegies that grow there but because of the various pathways and points of interest along the way, of which the bridge is just one.
For me, aesthetics and layout are just as important as the actual produce I plan to grow. I want my Garden to be more than just a functional area but a beautiful place to share with friends and family.

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