Friday, September 17, 2010

Overview of Garden

It's very hard to give a complete overview of the garden in one shot. The property has a natural water course or gully running through the middle of it cutting the front off from the back.
Some years ago I built a 10m foot bridge across the gully to give better access to the land at the back which is where I've established my garden.
Because it was on such a steep slope I decided to terrace it using Stevensons Keystone retaining stones. It took me more than 2 years to build. It was a lot of hard work and very slow, as each block had to be carried in by hand in a wheel barrow from the front of the property.
The end result is a number of separate garden areas which makes the whole setup rather interesting, especially for first time visitors to the garden.

Using photoshop I have tried joining a few pictures together to show a more complete view of the garden. However this view still does not show the new Top Garden which is over the brow of the hill (top right).


  1. I hadn't come this far back in your posts before. That is a fantastic garden design Dave. The joined together photos do give a great view of how the different areas join together. I am jealous...

  2. I don't mean to inspire jealousy in anyone but it's seems too good to keep to myself hence the blog. There are many stories to tell, even how I came to stumble across such a wonderful property. It changes year round so there's always something interesting going on. It's a blessing from Jah, no doubt about it.