Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Upgrading the Myoga Plot

Recently I noticed how the roots of my Myoga plants were beginning to take over in the bottom garden. I knew the roots were invasive and that this could happen over time. The fence palings I originally used to control their spread had finally rotted through.

I wasn’t terribly worried about this in the short term, because I had been planning to increase the size of the plot anyway and to get serious about cultivating them properly. So after the season had finished and the plant had entered it’s dormant phase I took the opportunity to extend the plot and to put a more robust frame around it.

So, using an old tanalised plank (300mm wide) which I pinned together with a few nails, I dug a trench and set it at the height I wanted it then backfilled it to hold it in place. When digging the trench I discovered quite a bit of the myoga roots which had spread beyond the original plot.

You can see why it could be a bit of a problem having this plant take over in the garden. Anyway, I pulled all the roots apart and simply spread it around inside the new enclosure and covered it up with soil. I’ll eventually get around to putting more pavers down to finish off the path, but knowing me, it could be a while before that happens.

Anyway, when it starts taking off again later in the year I’m going to try feeding it with some sulphate of potash to encourage more flowers to grow — and bigger ones too if possible – more like the ones they’re selling in Japan. That should be interesting as I’ve never done anything to encourage this plant except to water it in dry periods. 

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