Monday, April 22, 2013

Red Capsicums

I’ve grown Capsicums before but this year is the first time I got so many to turn red.

They’re not as big as I’ve grown in the past, probably because they haven’t had as much water. This is due to the drought we had this year. These were mostly hand watered and didn’t get watered every day consistently — sometimes I missed a day or 2, which probably explains why some of them got a big black spot on the bottom of them, a bit like under-watered tomatoes.

But I think having the drought helps to also explain why so many have turned red this year. I’m sure it’s part of the ripening process. These have received more daylight hours of sunshine than previous years (see my other post about Capsicums here). Plus the spot where I grew them (the one I call my Winter Garden) is still getting quite a lot of sunshine even into late April (which is mid Autumn in NZ).

Capsicums are fine to eat whether they’re green or red and are great in stir-fries or even raw in salads. I haven’t had any of mine turn yellow yet. Perhaps that’s a different variety.


  1. Looks good, had some today on pizza. But my favorite way is 'stuffed' with saurkraut like my mother cooked. Also like cooked with rice & sausage.

  2. You're making me feel hungry. The best part is they're organically grown and super fresh when picked straight out of the garden.

  3. They look good Dave. For some reason our bush only grew very small this year but it was loaded with capsicums. A lot of ours join with the tomatoes & onions to make pasta sauce. We've got enough pasta sauce in the pantry cupboard to keep us going till next season.