Tuesday, April 5, 2011


One of my successes in the garden this year was Capsicums. I've tried growing capsicums before but with limited success. However, now that I've established more garden space where there's a bit more sun, it's quite amazing the difference it's made. You can see 2 of them in the centre of the photo (above). I planted another 2 in a different spot to see which ones did better. The 2 plants above did the best.

In the past capsicums I've grown have yielded maybe 4 or 5 fruits on a plant over the whole season, but these 2 plants have been amazingly prolific. It was difficult to show in a single photo but each plant has grown about 10-12 fruits so far and new fruits are still coming on, although now that it's cooling down I'm not sure how big they'll get.

I know they're supposed to turn red and yellow in colour. I'm not sure what causes them to change colour, but mine didn't, they were all green.


  1. Nice lookind Capsicums Dave & don't the home grown ones taste so good. Mine kept getting attacked by something that made small holes in them this year. No idea what it was as inside they looked fine. Maybe birds were pecking them, who knows...

    P.S. The word verifiaction was "unusually" isn't that unusual???

  2. I noticed a lot of what we call the "green stinky bug" in my garden this year. They absolutely decimated the cabbages I grew over summer which were right next to the capsicums. These bugs were also on my capsicums plants but they didn't seem to do any harm to them. Perhaps they had plenty of other stuff to eat or they just didn't like the capsicums.

    PS I don't know much about word verification...