Monday, December 13, 2010

The Economy of Space

In the city garden there are many pressures on space. So the time comes when even the most precious of plants needs to be removed to make way for other things. For example, several years ago, a long time before I got around to putting the vegie garden in, I planted a shrub called "Pride of Madeira" . 

Every year around spring it would burst into beautiful purple blooms. As the years went by it got bigger and bigger and the display of colour became more and more spectacular as it grew in size. 
However my vision for the garden has changed since I first planted it and now it's turned out to be in the wrong place. As much as I would've loved to have kept it, considering the fact that it flowers for only about 2-3 weeks of the year and in view of the amount of space it takes up, I could no longer justify keeping it – in the afternoon it casts a big shadow over part of the garden.

So, out came the axe… and that was the end of it!


  1. Beautiful flowers Dave. A shame it had to go. I guess it's time was just up. In my yard veggie garden space gets priority

  2. That is a shame. I would have cut it, put the stems in a rooting solution and replant the flowers in pots to sell or give away. I don't know anything about these flowers though I'd like to think it could be done.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I actually thought of digging the whole thing out and relocating it to somewhere else in the garden but I couldn't find a suitable place and besides I think the shock might have killed it anyway.
    But don't worry I have reserved a place for this beauty in a future garden I plan to create in paradise when we get there.