Sunday, August 4, 2013

Collecting Firewood

The cost of electricity is pretty expensive these days so any little bit we can save on heating the home in winter is a good thing. So, every year I’ve got my ears and eyes peeled for any firewood that’s looking for a good home. See how I got my firewood situation sorted this year in the attached U-tube clip.

Truth is, I was looking for a way to test my time-lapse photography skills on my new camera and I thought this would be a good way to practise.



  1. I love the smell of burning wood. It always reminds me of starting fire in wood cook stove for breakfast, when we lived in Ohio; and my grandpa's in West Virginia. But now, since 1978, I live in very warm southern Texas, and need very little heat. While I still have wood cook stove in storage, my wife doesn't want ashes in our house (yet). Another JW family here does heat with all wood, as she is very cold natured. I cut trees every year & ask if he needs any.

    1. Yes, there are quite a few in our Congo who depend on wood for heating. Usually if one of us finds a good source of fire wood we let each other know. Thankfully, I was able to give some to a neighbour who sometimes provides us with fresh fish. It always feels like a bit of a 'windfall' when we get a load of wood.