Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Autumn colours

There’s not that much about winter that I look forward to each year. But every new season does have something to offer in the way of colours and other little surprises that pop up in the garden.

Even simple things like how the light dances on the leaves of the trees and creates a whole different ambience is something you learn to appreciate.

Even after the trees have shed all their leaves there’s still some beauty to found...

...sometimes in the most surprising of places.


A couple of years ago a friend of mine was clearing a corner of his garden and he asked me if I wanted some of the Taro plants he’d dug up. I thought they’d do OK under the bridge by the sleepout where there’s a little stream. I just like them as foliage looking down on them as you walk over the bridge. 

This year, to my surprise one of them actually flowered. That was a bonus I wasn’t counting on. There aren’t many plants that flower in the dark wet environment that winter brings in that part of the garden. 

It made my day when I saw that.


  1. Beautiful Autumn coour on th tree. We had a plant like that once, it was called Elephants Ears so maybe it wasn't quite the same. Lovely flower it has. Ours was in a pot but never flowered

  2. These Captcha's seem to be getting harder to read as time goes by

  3. Elephant Ears... I like it. When there's a bit of a breeze they swivel back and forth like one of those toy dogs in tha back window of an old ford zephyr.