Monday, March 26, 2012

Palms in the Garden

Palms are great for creating a tropical atmosphere in the garden.  I’ve purchased and acquired several palms over the years, half of which I've kept in pots. There are so many different kinds so I’ve been trying to learn how to identify the difference between them. The learning curve involves understanding how they grow including knowing how big they get and hence where to plant them.

One palm I bought about 6 years ago and planted on the edge of the bush was a Bangalow palm. I bought it when it was small but it was starting to get quite big for the place where I put it so I realized I needed to move it. However, transplanting it was not going to be easy.

It was in a very awkward spot and the root ball was so big it was going to be too heavy to lift. As usual rather than asking anyone to help me, I figured out how to do it on my own using the McGyver approach. I used a couple of ratchet ties strapped around the root ball to lift it out of the hole. Then I wrestled it into the wheelbarrow ready to move. 

What I love about mature Bangalows is their lovely smooth bright green trunk. I knew just the place for it on the approach to the sleep out. 
The bangalow will grow a lot bigger than this yet. I wouldn't want to transplant one that's any bigger than this. I love the way it catches and filters the afternoon sun in its new location. 

My next task is to move a nikau palm which I now realize is also in the wrong place (pictured next to the Bangalow in the picture at the top). I also have a Phoenix palm which I've decided to remove altogether as these grow to a massive size, far too big for my garden.


  1. Much bigger & you'd need a crane. I love Bangalow palms. Palms are great. We had a number of really huge palms in Qld. The fruit bats would get in them at night munching on the bunches of fruit/nuts/seeds or whatever they were & they would drop them on the roof. They would also fight & squabble over them & make a terrible noise. It was like the call of the banshees. BTW I have gone back to a self hosted site as I prefer the Comicpress theme for my cartoons.

    1. In NZ the Bangalow palm has recently been classified as a noxious weed (along with the phoenix palm, too). Not sure why — it's the best looking noxious weed I've seen.

      Thanks for updating me on your new blog address. I've updated the link on my profile page now. By the way, I started a new blog — a 'creative' one. This is the address if you want to take a look:

      There's not much there at the moment but I hope to change that soon.