Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oscar — The Dog-Cat!

Meet Oscar. He's a cat who thinks he's a dog!

I'm hardly ever alone in the garden as Oscar always follows me into the garden. He loves it when any of us humans go up there. He loves rolling around in the dirt, on the grass and waving his tail around my legs and chasing skinks. Unfortunately he's not been doing a very good job of keeping the birds out of the plum tree. The fruit is ripening on the tree and the birds are making a mess of it, pecking holes in all the fruit. I might have to dock his pay.

To tell the truth I think he's actually scared of going up there by himself as there are a few stray cats in the surrounding bush. He also takes the opportunity when we go up there to mark his territory, to let them know that this is HIS place and that they should stay away.

When he's in the house at night and he hears a strange noise outside, he growls like a dog. He scratches on the door to go in and out, just like a dog.

But I must admit, he climbs trees better than any dog I know.


  1. Oscar's a nice looking cat Dave. We used to have a jack russell years ago who used to climb the big pepper tree in our back yard. The only problem was that he couldn't get back down. He never used to go very high up but one day we came home & couldn't find him anywhere.I called him then heard a whimper in the tree. He must've been about 15 feet up. After the ladder & a bit of climbing I got him down & he was trembling with fear. I don't know how long he'd been up there but it must've really scared him as he never ever climbed that tree again.

  2. G'day brother Dave,
    Oscar looks like one of the kitties, I have now named Mickey.

    Hey! Great news to pass along, the husked tomatoes and mild Mexican chili peppers are growing like mad, all is left is for them to set some fruit.

    Have a great Sunday, you two blokes.

  3. Oh one itty bitty thing, Dave.
    How did Mickey, my kitty cat get to New Zealand and have his name changed to "Oscar"???? Just kidding, brother Dave.

  4. My apologies for not posting a response to your comments sooner. I've been rather distracted by various things lately.

    Animals can be rather comical at times. Sometimes I wonder where we would be without them? Even though they can be a pain at times... Oscar has a bad habit of waking me up in the middle of the night. He's learned how do this whether he's inside or outside.