Friday, October 7, 2011

Potted Colour

Winter has a way of making things in the garden look they’ve been abandoned, like this garden planter which has been completely taken over by weeds.

When spring finally arrives it’s time to get out in the garden and get everything back into some kind of order. I started by emptying the planter and giving it a bit of a scrub to clean it up a bit.

Then came the fun bit... filling it with garden mix and a few flowering plants. I chose Pansies, Lobelias and Sweet Williams. I bought them before they’d started flowering as they were cheaper to buy that way, which meant I didn’t know what colours I was going to get until they started flowering.

I probably wouldn’t have chosen pinks and purples if I had the choice but I reckon I probably couldn’t have chosen the colours any better.

It’s amazing how a bit of colour can brighten up your day.

The way it turned out the colours tied in nicely with the orchids which I moved from their storage area, to brighten up the front of the house.


  1. The old planter box has a new life. Beautiful orchids too. I love orchids as the flowers are so stunning. I've finished digging my veggie garden over & mixing through a load of compost ready for planting soon. The flower gardens at the front of the house look like your "Before" planter photo. They're next for the de-weeding treatment

  2. Anyone walking past the front of my place must think I have absolutely no interest in gardening.

    I saw a little sign in someones garden once while out in the ministry. It said: "My garden always looks it's best the day after my visitors have left."
    That's often true in my case.