Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tiger Finches in the Garden

One thing I really love about my garden is all the birds that come visiting. Unfortunately I've never got my camera handy at the opportune moment when I suddenly find myself up close and personal with some of these birds. I've only got an average camera so I can't zoom in very well or catch anything that's moving too fast, but I am quite pleased with this shot that I managed to get of a Tiger Finch in mid flight...

It's only at certain times of the year when the Tiger Finches come around. They seem to travel in pairs and I managed to get a shot of them together (below), apparently feeding on the seeds of these flowers. The most common place to view Tiger Finches in New Zealand is in a cage at the local pet shop, so it was quite a privilege to see them in their natural environment and to get a shot of them.


  1. Cool looking birds, you have there in KiwiLand.

    Hope all is well for you and your family there in Auckland, NZ.

  2. What a beautiful little bird. Love the yellow on the wings. I love birds of any kind but not in cages..

  3. P.S. Thinking back to your potato post. We have had a quite low quantity of spuds per plant too this year. I've now dug up about half of ours (5 plants) & only had 2 bucket fulls. Last year I was getting about 1 bucket per plant.

  4. Hi Jonno
    Thanks for stopping by. NZ is not so well known for its finches. The native bird we see the most here are Tuis and fantails. I hope to do a post about these one day... if only I can get a good shot of them.

  5. Hi Tony
    I love birds too. I used to have a little yellow budgie in a cage. I used to hang his cage in a tree just outside the front door which he loved until a big gust of wind came blowing the cage into the air. It came crashing down, splitting open on the ground and he got blown away in the wind never to be seen again. That was a sad day. :-(

  6. As regards the Potato crop failure, I've been thinking about what it says at Habakkuk 3:17,18
    We probably shouldn't be surprised that these things will fail sometimes. As the whole environment gets more and more out of balance it'll probably happen more often in the future. v.18 is a good reminder of where we should put our trust.