Monday, February 28, 2011

Race to Build Sleepout #5

It's been a while since I posted anything about the sleepout which has been weather-tight for some time now with door and windows installed. Unfortunately, putting my back out meant that I had to take a break and so totally missed the Feb 3 deadline. Anyway I'm getting back into now (albeit slowly and carefully). This is how it's looking so far... 

It's basically just the inside that needs finishing off now. So far I've managed to do mostly everything myself, but I'm going to need help putting the plasterboard sheets on the ceiling which is the next job to do. 
The bridge has been widened to form a deck. This will be the view we awaken to from where the bed will be.
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  1. It's coming along nicely Dave. BTW where you affected by the earthquake? I couldn't believe how bad some of the scenes on TV were

  2. Thanks Tony, everyone here's fine. I just heard a report last night that all the Bro's and sis's in Christchurch are fine too. Amazingly, there were no reports of injuries or death, although several have lost their homes.

    There are 12 congregations in Christchurch sharing 5 kingdom halls. 3 halls are damaged and can't be used so they're sharing the remaining 2.
    Sounds like the damage is mainly to drainage and services, nothing structural as far as I know, so it sounds kinda hopeful.

    Immediately following the quake Christchurch residents were asked to stay at home and not travel around the city as many roads were unsafe creating problems for emergency services. The family worship arrangement seems to have been designed for just such a situation. This worldwide adjustment seems to indicate that we're in for more of the same... everywhere.

    By the way, sorry to hear about your mother in law. Please give my best to Michelle.

    Our year text this year seems very appropriate.

  3. That's a beautiful location for the Sleepout you're building. Should be very cozy when you're finished it.

  4. Hi Binky, Thanks for visiting my blog. I've never been visited by a wombie before, I feel privileged.
    I'm thinking of calling the sleepout "Fantail Cottage". We get a lot of native birds in the bush just outside the door, but it seems the fantails enjoy this area the most. They're such friendly little creatures. I'm looking forward to observing them more closely when the sleepout's finally finished.