Thursday, January 13, 2011

Race to Build a Sleepout #2

Things may not appear to have progressed very far with building the sleepout so far, but as with many building projects there are all the hidden, unforeseen tasks that crop up as they have in my case this week.
After I started building the floor and figuring out how it would join onto the bridge I realised my outdoor tap was going to be in the way so I had to get my plumber mate to come and move it. While he was there I realised it would now be a good opportunity to get him to put another tap up in my new garden to save all the hassles I've been having with joined-up hoses and pulling them from one place to another up and down steps all the time and damaging plants in the process.

I had also called my electrician mate to get him to come and advise me regarding putting power to the sleepout and he was keen to start before I got too far ahead.

This meant I had to interrupt what I was doing to sort these things out which included digging a few trenches for power and water. While I was about it I decided to run phone, TV aerial and broadband wiring to the sleepout as it would be so much more difficult later. This all required my time and attention.

Anyway, that's all sorted now so I can plough ahead and get the framing up which I'm ready to do next... read next article here.


  1. Coming along nicely Dave. Looking forward to seeing the finished product

  2. Very professional looking Dave. I hope it comes out well.

    And thank you for the kudos on my blog. Yeah it was something. I am glad they didn't go overboard and also glad I finally met Mr. Scelsa in person.

  3. I took a few days holiday this week so haven't done as much as I would have liked. Besides the weather has not been good anyway, plus I'll be attending our school for elders over the next couple of days, so I'm pretty busy at the moment.
    I have 12 days from today to get it finished. I'm pretty confident I can have it built and weather-tight by then, but not sure if it'll be completely finished and ready to move in. The weather's becoming a bit of a problem. Will post new pics soon.